Compressed Air & Gas Institute launches innovation contest

The award program is designed to engage engineering students, having them conceive new applications for compressed air and gas as alternative energy sources.

By Staff September 7, 2007

The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) recently announced the CAGI Innovation Awards contest. Designed to increase awareness and use of compressed air and gas as a power source, the contest is intended to engage engineering students from around the country.Iowa State University, the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech University, Purdue University and the Milwaukee School of Engineering are among the universities invited to participate in the inaugural awards contest. Teams of students from each school will choose from a selection of design categories, including machine tool application, motion control device, consumer product and other. Working with CAGI member volunteer mentors, each team will then work to conceive and design an innovative compressed air application. Entries will require an essay with supporting calculations, schematic drawings and/or product renderings.The deadline for final submissions is March 1, 2008. CAGI member volunteers will evaluate each design submission based on innovation, marketability and presentation, and first and second place teams will be awarded. The first place team will receive $10,500; the second place student team will receive $5,500. All winnings will be split among the students and their respective schools.Visit or call 216/241-7333 for more information.