Compressed Air – 2004-06-10

By Staff June 10, 2004

Compressor controller

Universal Autodual Model ADSE high efficiency, lead/lag, multiple compressor controller converts existing rotary and reciprocating compressors of any size and mix to intelligent operation. Features include: automatic dual control to eliminate expensive idling, automatic lead/lag selection, unloaded soft starts, hour meter and optional emergency shutdown, and timed tank drain.

Standard Pneumatic Products, Inc. Write 300 on PE card Breathing filter

BA-Series, dual-stage compressed air filter is designed as a point-of-use breathing air filter. The housing has two elements, a coalescer and an adsorber. Units are available in

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Gas-tight blower

Omega G Series gas-tight rotary blowers feature double piston rings and hardened steel gas and oil seals. Seal vents can be piped back to suction or purged for single envelope, gas-tight operation. The input shaft double lip seals, with oil barrier, prevent air ingress and fugitive gas emissions. The mounted and piped reservoir provides a visual indication of seal condition.

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Blowoff guide

Air Nozzles and Jets Blowoff Guide is a 16-p technical booklet that offers extensive information on how to use compressed air efficiently. Numerous solutions for reducing compressed air cost and noise are outlined along with step-by-step instructions on how to calculate air savings once improvements are implemented.

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