Compressed Air – 2002-11-15

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By Staff November 15, 2002

Produce nitrogen gas from thin air

Modular HNG Series nitrogen generators deliver up to 99.5% pure nitrogen gas directly from compressed air. The compact design installs into existing piping to remain virtually transparent to plant operations. This eliminates the clutter, danger, and inefficiencies that bottled, high-pressure nitrogen gas presents. Applications benefit with flow rates from 1.7 to 500 scfh. Hankison International ; TO VOTE, WRITE 23 ON BALLOT For more information, write 23 on card

Membrane dryer also filters

Balston Smart Dryer 3000 Series membrane air dryers provide dry compressed air at a guaranteed dewpoint of 35 F, flow rates up to 200 scfm, and removes contaminants down to 0.01 micron in size. The dryer offers lower operating costs and better performance than non-cycling and cycling refrigerant dryers do. Parker Hannifin Corp. , Filtration and Separation Div.; TO VOTE, WRITE 32 ON BALLOT For more information, write 32 on card

Air dryer for air tools

Air Tool Protector (APT1) provides a continuous supply of clean, dry air to protect small, air-operated equipment with a flow range of 0 to 25 cfm at up to 200 psig. Portable and lightweight (14.5 lb.), it has no electrical requirements. A desiccant cartridge has a color change indicator warning of the need for cartridge replacement. domnick hunter, inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 50 ON BALLOT For more information, write 50 on card

Compressor has small footprint

L07-L22 rotary screw compressors are freestanding, Super Silenced Packages that efficiently deliver a high air output-to-footprint ratio with minimum operating costs. Output ranges from 39 to 121 cfm at pressures from 73 to 190 psig. Large oil capacity and filters extend the oil change interval to 4000-hr. Microprocessor-based controls monitor and protect the compressor. CompAir, Simmern Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 65 ON BALLOT For more information, write 65 on card

Air dryer saves energy

CTD cycling, refrigerated air dryer with the Cold Energy Block reduces energy consumption by 30 to 80%. It combines the advantages of direct expansion and thermal mass dryers. The unit provides direct expansion through the fins, improving refrigerant circuit efficiency and minimizing heat transfer delay, which causes wet air at start up. CompAir, Sidney Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 66 ON BALLOT For more information, write 66 on card

Compressor controller manages air system

Sigma Air Manager (SAM) is the first master controller to combine the benefits of a modern, industrial PC with internet technology in a compressed air system. Features include pressure band control within Kaeser Compressors, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 78 ON BALLOT For more information, write 78 on card

Air wipe covers part circumference

Super Air Wipe is ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning, and cooling of pipe, cable, extruded shapes, and hose. It ejects a small amount of compressed air through a thin, slotted nozzle that pulls in high volumes of ambient air. Air velocity can be varied from a blast to a breeze with an instant on/off control. Units are available with 2-in. and 4-in. throat diameters. Exair Corp. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 99 ON BALLOT For more information, write 99 on card

Scroll compressor is complete package

GX2-4 Series air compressors have rotary scroll technology, providing optimum performance, high reliability, long life, reduced maintenance, and a small footprint. Units include an air and oil system, sound attenuating enclosure (62-66 dBA), 80-gal ASME tank, and integrated dryer and filter. Units are designed for 100% continuous operation. Outputs range from 8.3 to 19.3 cfm up to 150 psig. Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc., Industrial Air Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 139 ON BALLOT For more information, write 139 on card

Air dryer removes compressor lubricant

CME Cold Mist Eliminator is available on 200 to 400 scfm refrigerated air dryers. It is an efficient way to remove harmful compressor lubricant from compressed air. Compressed air is dried to 38 F dew point and is essentially oil-free. Bulk liquid and solids are removed in a centrifugal separator stage and discharged with an automatic drain. Zeks Compressed Air Solutions ; TO VOTE, WRITE 167 ON BALLOT For more information, write 167 on card