Compressed Air – 2002-09-15

By Staff September 15, 2002

Helpful guide

“Cost savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance” is a step-by-step helpful guideline for any industrial facility that uses compressed air. This full color, 8-p reference manual outlines maintenance activities for each component in the system including compressors, dryers, drains, and aftercoolers. Kaeser Compressors , Inc. Write 311 on PE card

Centrifugal compressor

A brochure describes the Pinnacle LF-2000 series, multistage, horizontally mounted, centrifugal compressor. Readers will learn about the compressor’s integral gearing, a single, helical-type designed and manufactured to AGMA 13 quality standards. A chart helps readers ascertain the inlet volumetric flow rate. Sundyne Corp. Write 312 on PE card

Combination compressor

GA315 VSD-FF oil-injected screw compressor combines a built-in refrigeration dryer and variable speed drive technology. The result is improved reliability and a smaller footprint. The compressor element, based on a longer active rotor length, allows larger air volumes to be compressed with a higher built-in pressure ratio. Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc. Write 313 on PE card

Membrane dryer

Balston SMD Membrane Air Dryer provides pure, dry compressed air and is an economical, efficient alternative to refrigerant dryer technology. It dries compressed air to dewpoints as low as 35 F at flow rates up to 600 scfm. Parker Hannifin Corp. Write 314 on PE card

Surge protection

SurgeGard surge monitor optimizes compressor performance. It is a state-of-the-art surge protection device that anticipates impending surge to ensure highly efficient compressor operations. The unit provides an alarm, identifies maintenance conditions, and performs online, antisurge override control. It also increases the speed of response of the antisurge loop. Micon Systems Write 315 on PE card

Integrated compressor

GD Integra is a 5-10 hp, rotary screw air compressor that features the reliable and unparalleled integrated technology of combining the lubricant pump, air/lubricant separation system, mixing valve, and air end into a single, integrated component. The compressor has a 66-68 dBA noise level. Gardner Denver Write 316 on PE card