Compressed Air

By Staff November 1, 2003

Dryer uses existing energy source

CDA alternate cooling source dryers enables facilities that have an ammonia or glycol circuit with excess capacity to treat compressed air with no additional energy consumption. Benefits include: optimum utilization of cooling energy supply, corrosion-resistant air circuit, low compressed air pressure drop, and uncomplicated selection and installation procedures.

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Dryer has 100% zero purge

PNEUDRI MAXIplus zero purge, vacuum, heat-regenerative dryer represents a cost effective, energy-efficient solution for providing high-quality, clean, dry compressed air. Zero purge means no compressed air is wasted during regeneration, so additional compressor capacity is not needed. Vacuum technology allows regeneration using less heat.

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Vertical compressor has small footprint

Hydrovane vertical, direct-drive, rotary vane compressors have a close integration of drive and compressor elements engineered to create a high-efficiency, low-maintenance design, that sits on a footprint less than half the size of conventional, horizontal designs. The 14 models have ranges from 5 to 10 hp. Panels are lined with sound-reducing foam.

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Filter treats condensate

KCF Series condensate filtration system filters out oil, ambient particles, and hydrocarbons from compressed air condensate, making the condensate safe for disposal. The replaceable, single filter cartridge is contained in a plastic housing for ease of disposal. With single-point connection, units connect for larger flows. No electricity is required.

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Compressor package is oil-free

ZT37-50 VSD FF (IMD) Series variable-speed drive, oil-free compressor package is two-stage air cooled or water cooled. The integrated heat-of-compression dryer utilizes no purge air and relies on the heat generated by the compressor to regenerate the adsorption material. Designed for 100% continuous operation, units provide from 87 to 265 cfm with adjustable pressure from 58 to 125 psig.

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Sensor monitors air consumption

Metris continuously monitors compressed air systems to identify leakage areas and improve energy efficiency. The sensor can be mounted in a supply line to monitor one machine, or mounted in a plant zone to monitor several machines. The 4-digit display provides air consumption readings. Two models are available;

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Portable compressors meet emission standards

Models XAS, XAMS, XAHS, XRHS, and XRVS Cd portable air compressors have effective working pressures from 102 to 365 psig, and free air delivery rates up to 1161 cfm. Each model is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine that is fully compliant with the latest noise and exhaust legislation. Electronic controls meet exacting IP66 standards.

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Nozzle is efficient and quiet

Super Air Nozzle provides a high-thrust, concentrated stream of high-velocity airflow. The sound level is extremely low at 74 dBA when supplied with 80-psig compressed air. It is ideal for reducing air consumption and noise levels. The nozzle ejects a small amount of compressed air through a series of holes located in recessed grooves on the surface.

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Dryer has adjustable dew point

Ecodry KMT multitronic , cold-regenerated, adsorption dryer combines proven elements of adsorption technology with state-of-the-art features. Dew points can be adjusted from -12 to -40 F. The 10-min cycle saves energy. A wet area collecting space protects the desiccant against concentrated moisture, providing longer service life.

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Dryer reduces energy costs

KNW Series heat-of-compression regenerative air dryers reduce energy cost by up to 97%, compared to other dryers. The zero purge, adsorption dryer is thermally regenerated with heat that is a byproduct of the compression process. Benefits include: no wasted compressed air, low-cost installation, reduced life-cycle cost, and oil-free condensate.

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