Compressed Air

By Staff November 10, 2004

Compressor saves energy

ZT-160-VSD-FF rotary screw air compressor combines a variable speed drive, with EMC compliance, and a heat-of-compression dryer to save energy. The unit provides 100% oil-free air with instrument-class pressure dewpoints. Other features include: oil-free condensate, no foundation required, air or water-cooled option, low vibration levels, and performance rated per ISO 1217, Annex C, Ed. 3.

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Air dryer works with partial load

VCD is a variable capacity, refrigerated compressed air dryer that combines variable speed and thermal cycling technologies to achieve unsurpassed energy savings at all loads. The unit provides a constant dew point under all part-load conditions. Soft starting increases reliability. The dryer uses environmentally friendly R404A refrigerant. Compressor can be turned down to as low as 17% of load before cycling off.

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Flat air nozzle is adjustable

2″ Super Air Nozzle is a highly efficient flat air nozzle that produces a wide air stream ideally suited for blowoff, cooling, and drying applications. The unique nozzle uses patented technology that permits adjustment of force and air volume by using interchangeable shims to reduce air consumption. Features include: low air consumption of 21.8 scfm at 80 psig and a low noise level of 77 dBA.

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Small compressor is variable speed

Solo Series variable speed rotary screw compressors range from 7.5 to 20 hp. Controls vary the speed of the motor to match air demand and save up to 35% in energy costs compared to conventional compressors. The units are quiet, as low as 58 dBA, which enables them to be located at the point of use and near employees. The compressor shaft and motor rotor are one piece.

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Dryer adjusts to required load

SRV refrigerated air dryer combines the most advanced features of variable speed drive with those of thermal mass storage to deliver maximum energy savings and the lowest possible dew point. For high airflows, the dryer uses variable speed operation. Inverter operation allows the dryer to adapt itself to the required load. A soft start allows the compressor to cycle on and off as often as every 3 min.

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Filter has low pressure drop

Oil-X Evolution compressed air and gas filter has a smooth, 90-deg inlet elbow and turning vanes to reduce differential pressure. The pleated media pack boasts high dirt-holding capacity, lower pressure drop, and deep pleat media beds. The innovative drainage layer incorporated into the filter provides high liquid removal, low pressure loss, and excellent temperature and chemical properties.

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Dryer reduces purge air cost

RP Series heated purge desiccant dryers use innovative purge technology and a jet blower to boost airflow through the off-line tower. Bed regeneration cycles are managed with precision to deliver -40-F, ISO 8573.1, Class 2 dew point air and reduce compressed purge air consumption to 6% or less. Dryers can deliver performance-guaranteed air from 250 to 3200 scfm.

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CD teaches air system maintenance

An Interactive Air System Maintenance CD is an exceptional training tool that details common maintenance functions for air compressors, dryers, filters, and drains. Using instructional video, voice over, and detailed graphics, this CD helps end users and technicians understand the steps necessary for routine air system maintenance. User friendly and easy to navigate, it includes a comprehensive Compressed Air System Installation Guide.

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