Compressed Air

By Staff May 6, 2003

Membrane air dryers

Membrane air dryers provide pure, dry compressed air and offer an economical, efficient alternative to pressure swings from adsorption and refrigerant dryers’ technologies. The dryer provides dewpoints as low as -40 F at flow rates up to 100 scfm. No moving parts means reliable and efficient operation without operator attention and minimal maintenance. Filtration and Separation Div. Parker Hannifin Corp. Write 324 on PE card

Maintenance saves cost

Cost Savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance is a full-color, 8-p reference manual that outlines maintenance activities for each component in the system, including compressors, dryers, filters, drains, and aftercoolers. The “Problem Solved!” section provides practical solutions for common air system problems. Also included are comprehensive maintenance checklists. Kaeser Compressors Write 325 on PE card