Complexity, regulation draining for global engineers: IHS study

Faster design cycles and fewer engineers mean a more challenging environment.

By IHS Technology April 14, 2015

A new study released by the global business information firm IHS finds that the increasing pace of global engineering projects and the shorter time to complete them is putting increasing strains on projects.

More than 2,100 engineers completed the IHS study, “The Pulse of Engineering: The Changing Work Environment for Engineers Today.” The pulse, the study concluded, is getting faster and more complex at the same time.

“The report details the demands that engineers from around the world face from increasingly complex designs, shorter design cycles, and mounting environmental regulations,” IHS said in a press release announcing the survey. IHS is a content partner of CFE Media.

Among the study findings:

  • 52% of respondents said the pace of engineering is accelerating, and 57% said they are asked to do more with less.
  • Almost 70% said that constraints on resources, specialized knowledge, budgets, and time were jeopardizing productivity, product quality, and innovation.
  • Designing and developing environmentally sustainable products was cited by more than 90% of respondents as an important part of their work.

“The research offered an opportunity to validate what many people already think is true about the profession, and to uncover information about market dynamics and industry trends that otherwise might not be apparent,” said David Wagman, editorial director for IHS Engineering360, the world’s largest online destination for engineers.