Compact DPM reader

By Plant Engineering Staff March 7, 2007

DataMan 100 fixed-mount ID readers provide the capability to read printed barcodes and 2D direct-marked codes in a package that’s smaller than a flip phone. The reader is easy to deploy and is intended for use in fixed-mount reading applications. The reader uses IDQuick software, a decoding tool for fast reading of well-formed codes. A model with IDMax software is also available for reading challenging direct part mark codes. Both readers offer easy setup with integrated illumination, beeper, adjustable optics, a built-in aimer and a push-button trigger. The readers are suitable for identifying items marked with 1D or 2D codes in the automotive, packaging, electronics, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The compact design makes it suitable for applications where space is limited such as label printers, clinical analyzers, marking equipment and document handlers.

Cognex Corp.