Combustion gas probe

The Endura AZ25 combustion gas analyzer withstands high temperatures and reduces sulfurous atmospheres for fired process heaters and furnaces.

By ABB January 23, 2015

The Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer is designed for use in processes where the temperature ranges between 1112 and 2552 F. The probe withstands high temperatures and reduces sulfurous atmospheres, giving it a long lifespan in a wide range of applications. Supplied with a choice of protective sheath materials, the AZ25 offers resistance to thermal stresses and shocks in highly corrosive atmospheres. The Endura AZ25 comes with a cell processing technique that bonds the multi-layered platinum electrode to the zirconia. AZ25 can be used in arduous applications subject to sulfurous and reducing atmospheres such as sulfur recovery processes, crematoria and industrial and clinical waste incineration. AZ25 also has online modification and analysis systems.