Coca-Cola tackles water stewardship

Business for Social Responsibility recently released a report detailing the evolution of The Coca-Cola Co.'s water management strategy.

By Plant Engineering Staff March 31, 2008

The report, ” Drinking It In: The Evolution of a Global Water Stewardship Program at The Coca-Cola Company ” follows the company’s efforts to achieve “water neutrality” across its worldwide operations while facing challenges from global water quality, availability, and access.

By summarizing the journey of The Coca-Cola Co. over five years, this report aims to demonstrate how companies can be proactively involved in water management along their supply chains and within the walls of their own facilities.

The company created a survey for its plants and bottlers to gather information on efficiency, compliance, watershed, supply reliability, supply economics, and social and competitive contextual information.

The report offers “key takeaways” for companies, such as getting involved in water-related governance and engaging organizations to build internal knowledge and understanding of water issues. The full report includes six sections, including references.