Clean solvents for precision cleaning applications

AK-225 offers viable and cost-effective alternative to Freon

By Plant Engineering Staff May 19, 2003

AK-225, or HCFC-225, is being recognized by the industry as the preferred replacement for CFC-113 in precision cleaning and degreasing applications. AK-225 belongs to a new generation of solvents that achieve high performance while abiding by strict environmental rules.

AK-225 is used in cooling, defluxing, and precision cleaning applications and has less than 1/80ththe impact of Freon on the ozone layer. VOC-exempt, AK-225 received the “Best of the Best” Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the Environment Protection Agency in 1997.

“Now that Freon is no longer an option, there is nothing on the market that performs as well as AK-225 for what we do,” says Rodney Jamison of Florida-based Jolt Technology in Florida. The company uses AK-225 for precision cleaning and degreasing applications on PC boards.

Jolt Technology switched from CFC-113 to AK-225 in January 2002.

Over the past few years, Air Quality Boards throughout the U.S. have taken drastic measures to improve air quality and have strictly regulated the use of any solvents that are “Volatile Organic Compounds”, or VOCs, increasing the demand for a solvent like AK-225, especially as stocks of CFC’s have waned.

“AK-225 is one of the new generation solvents available and customers are beginning to see its usefulness,” says David Ferguson, national sales manager of the Asahiklin AK-225 division at AGA Chemicals Inc.

To meet the growing demand, AGA Chemicals will launch production of AK-225 in Bayonne, NJ in 2003. “With the start of the U.S. production, customers like Jolt Technology will find it faster and more convenient to obtain and evaluate the product,” says Mr. Ferguson. AGA Chemicals is now working to complete the production lines and the quality control and customer qualification laboratory at the plant.

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