Class RK1high-speed fuses

By Plant Engineering Staff December 5, 2006

Class RK1high-speed fuse product line is designed to safeguard sensitive power electronics while meeting the National Electrical Code requirements for branch circuit protection and performing to the industry standards of a semiconductor fuse.The additional safeguards in the HSRK hybrid design result in leading cost effectiveness and a significant increase in safety.

These HSRK fuses are intended to be used with a disconnect switch to allow end users the ease of selecting a single fuse. The dual function of the HSRK fuse reduces the expense of replacement parts while increasing cost savings.

Recent concern about electrical safety in industrial environments calls for more current-limiting fuses to be installed in electrical systems, reducing arc flash potential and the incident energy levels produced under fault conditions.The use of HSRK fuses can reduce incident energy levels enough to change the category of protective clothing that workers are required to wear while working on equipment in an energized state.

Ferraz Shawmut