Chemical injection system optimizes

This chemical injection system optimizes the injection process while providing operational monitoring and control.

By SignalFire May 6, 2015

SignalFire’s chemical injection system monitors, controls and optimizes the chemical injection process to provide a known and measured chemical dosing rate and provides diagnostic information to measure pump performance and operating status.  

This chemical injection system automatically calibrates and monitors pump operation to maintain a specified injection rate that may be slaved to production rates. The control and diagnostic system also provides operational visibility in monitoring conditions at the injection site and verifies and records that chemical injection is working to specifications. Tank level is also monitored to accurately verify when refill is needed and that the refill was accurate.    

Users have the ability to remotely monitor and control parameters and conditions at the injection site from either a local RTU/SCADA system or through a central service such as Wonderware, CygNet or other enterprise monitoring systems.


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