Campbell Awards highlight safety excellence

By Plant Engineering Staff April 14, 2006

The Robert W. Campbell Award Program Committee’s call for applications for the 2006 award seeks successful business models from organizations that excel in both SH&E and business performance. Case studies must demonstrate how measurable achievement in SH&E performance is linked to productivity, profitability and other measures of business performance. Companies compete within separate size categories; 1,000 or more employees, and fewer than 1,000 employees.

This award is co-developed by its administrator, the National Safety Council, and its underwriter, Exxon Mobil Corporation. PLANT ENGINEERING magazine is a contributing sponsor to the award. In addition, the Award is supported by a global network of organizations that provide worldwide outreach.

Written submittals are reviewed by an international panel of experts. Winning success stories are published and showcased at various conferences throughout the year. Applications for the 2006 award competition are due June 30. Evaluation criteria and submission requirements are available at www. .

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