Blog! Five fast things for January 30, 2007

By Bob Vavra, Editor January 30, 2007

1. A busy opener at AHR : The opening day of the AHR Expo in Dallas was most notable for the huige crowds that made their way into the DallasConvention Center. The facility was packed on Day 1, and it speaks well for a healthy industry that benefits from growth in both the commercial and residential markets. A desire to come to Dallas in January doesn’t hurt.

2. Convention tip: With crowds this big, one bit of show floor etiquette: Please don’t look left or right and keep walking straight ahead. It’s like trying to drive in Dallas; you can’t quite figure out where everyone is going. Like Boston, Dallas will be a great city when they’re finished with it.

3. Johnson Controls on the move: The press event for Johnson Controlsa company bragging about its backlog?

4. Someone finally gets it right: This quote directly from the Manufacturing Alliance/MAPI, not generally a bunch of wide-eyed liberals: “Contrary to presumptions from some camps that U.S. multinationals’ foreign operations materially harm the domestic economy, a new Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI paper argues that the business dealings of American multinational corporations with their affiliates abroad actually works to strengthen domestic economic growth.” It’s about time someone came to this conclusion — that the emerging economies are not just places where jobs go, but places that also need goods and services that we can provide. The report quotes MAPI chief economist Daniel J. Meckstroth, Ph.D. as saying, “The most frequently expressed fear of globalization—that multinational corporations will shift production from the relatively high-wage United States to low-wage foreign countries for the purpose of reducing labor costs—is misplaced.” Manufacturers needs to read this, understand it, and figure out how their own company will react to it. Hand-wringing and finger pointing isn’t good enough any more.

5. More fromng to turning around.”