Bentley announces expanded Asia initiatives

By Plant Engineering Staff April 14, 2006

Bentley Systems has moved the headquarters for its Asia operations to China and will make its Power Program subscriptions available to the Chinese audience as a continuing effort to recognize the infrastructure growth opportunities in China.

“China is experiencing an infrastructure boom of historic proportions and will invest $800 billion dollars in infrastructure over the next five years,” said Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems. “It ranks No. 3 in the $4 trillion global construction market and No. 1 in growth — growing at an astounding 11% rate.”

“We offer that there is considerable infrastructure synergy between Bentley and China,” Bentley added. “China has the firm commitment as well as abundant technical skills to improve its society through world-class infrastructure. Our software can act as a catalyst — helping to join those two and maximizing China’s success. As partners, Bentley and China’s infrastructure community can also make each other better in responding to global opportunities.”