Being the core and outlier in a company

Workers can be part of the core group in a company or be an outlier. There are benefits to both groups and the best workers have a little of both in them.

By Madealine Hallman-Kenner, Eruditio October 4, 2016

Workers can either be part of the core or an outlier. Which one would you choose. There are perks to both

The vast majority of the workforce are considered the core of any organization. Core people know the roles and responsibilities and do not shy away from the status quo. They are programmed accordingly and go through the notions without so much as a blip in protocol. They have their feet firmly on the ground and know the reality. They know the higher you rise; the less space they have to fall.

Core workers are happy with where they are at and loyal to the ones they work for. The management can always rely on the core to get things done with accuracy and diligence. They are the foundation of every organization and know without them, the company would not be able to do near as much as they do. 

Then there are the outliers. These are the dreamers who break the mold. They have huge ambitions and are very pride-based. Anything they set their mind to, they will go for it and not hold back until they achieve it. They don’t care how much space is left at the top because they will make room; even if it means climbing over others who have helped them along the way. 

The most prestigious of this group have learned the hard road it took to find the mid-point. These are the people who started out as the core of the organization but they wanted a change. They dug their heels in, worked the grind and followed the status quo.

And along that journey, they developed questions, comments, suggestions, etc. that, when given the right opportunity to voice them, these insights would show their true worth. They made sure they were someone others could rely on. They weren’t perfect; they felt the struggles, the disappointments, the failures. They rose to the top because they never stopped getting up and pushing through. They made their dream become their reality. And yet, they remain humble because they’ve endured growing pains. They are the ones who earned the respect of everyone who helped them along the way and have equal as much respect to give in return. 

So, yes, workers can be a core and an outlier. In fact, I encourage the core to stand up and make themselves the outlier. A worker who has achieved both has the core values, but are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help others succeed. They represent the best of both worlds. 

This article by Madelaine Hallman-Keller originally appeared on Eruditio’s blog
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