Barcode readers

By Plant Engineering Staff January 5, 2007

The SCANEX family of barcode readers is engineered for use in hazardous areas. The Dragon D101, a cabled, trigger-operated handheld scanner; the Dragon M101, a wireless, trigger-operated handheld scanner; and the Nano, a fixed-mount miniature scanner with continuous scan operation are the three primary models are available. The D101’s reading distance ranges from 3 to 31.5 inches, while a long-range option expands the range from 10 to 100 inches. The wireless M101 offers a maximum reading distance of 43 inches, with a 164-foot radio transmission radius. The unit weighs less than 1 pound and can perform up to 30,000 read operations per battery charge. Up to 32 readers can link to one radio base station. Special features include a single-store batch mode and datalogging. The IP65-rated Nano offers a reading distance range of 4 to 29 inches, with a scan rate of 39 per second. Its operating temperature range is -4 degrees to 131 degrees F.