By Staff August 1, 2005

Process training simulation

UniSim Design Suite R350 offers steady-state and dynamic simulation, design, performance monitoring, optimization and business planning for the oil and gas production, gas processing, petroleum refining and chemical industries. The software suite allows process manufacturers to design, test and train employees on new processes offline before they are implemented. The suite can also reduce engineering costs by eliminating the need for many error-prone manual processes, such as data-re-entry and data transfer, which account for up to 30% of engineering labor hours.

Honeywell Write 318 on PE card

Pluggable I/O connectors

The 753 series pluggable wiring connectors for the company’s modular I/O system feature an integrated pull-tab re-lease for a simple and quick toolless operation; mini-WSB marker tags on the connector and I/O module for easy identification; built in test points for convenient troubleshooting; matched plug-and-socket coding system that ensures coded connectors can only fit in the corresponding coded I/O module base; and an integrated strain relief for securing wiring directly to the connector.

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