By Staff March 10, 2005

I/O modules provide stepper motor control

KL2531 and KL2541 stepper motor terminals are I/O alternatives to traditional stepper controls. These provide compact motion control for small stepper motors up to 200 W. With a width of only 12 mm, the KL2531 integrates into a 24 V dc control voltage system providing peak current of 1.5 A per phase. The KL 2541 provides a peak current of 5 A. Current resolution is 64 steps per period: 64-fold microstepping.

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Touch screen computers

Operator Interface Computers combine ruggedized hardware with InTouch human-machine interface (HMI) software to replace proprietary operator interface panels. These computers provide hundreds of device integration servers. The open and upgradeable computer platforms are capable of running multiple Windows applications. The touch screen computers feature the Windows XP operating system.

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Flexible CMMS

ProTeus IV, based on the ProTeus III line, is next-generation computerized maintenance management software that integrates preventive maintenance scheduling, demand maintenance work order processing, inventory, and equipment tracking. Software allows a single master plan to be created for each asset that includes associated tasks at all desired interval, including runtimes. Features include customizable quick lists, rapid-entry time card utility, budget module, multi-site enterprise access, Crystal Reports, work order emails, certification support, status report, and global support capabilities.

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Adaptable asset management

Indus Asset Suite asset management software features an adaptable user interface based on services-oriented architecture. The software enables organizations to harness best-of-breed, process-oriented business applications for asset, customer, and service management. Software interface includes role and rule-based content and workflow-based navigation, is configurable for the individual user, and incorporates human factors and industry best practices.

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Software for PACs

FactoryFloor 4.1 software is designed for use with the company’s process automation controllers, typically combined with its SNAP Ethernet I/O and SNAP Serial I/O products. Software enables users to develop powerful and diverse control programs, easily design HMIs, expand control system connectivity to enterprise databases, and expedite control and data acquisition projects. A component of the software provides OPC and DDE connectivity between the company’s systems and Windows-based computers.

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