By Staff January 10, 2005

Ethernet switches

Managed Compact Switch (MCS) incorporates the complete message filtering and plant floor diagnostics capability of the recently introduced Modular Managed Switch (MMS) in a compact, fixed 16-port 10/100 TX housing. Switch contains the message filtering functions needed for Profinet, Ethernet/IP and other high-performance network applications.

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Custom I/O

Custom I/O modules provide users with the exact combination of features for their applications. I/O modules can be manufactured from users’ designs or can be designed to meet specific requirements. Engineers provide systematic approach to design and manufacturing, share insights, and offer suggestions for improvements to make designs robust, accurate, and economical.

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Data collection

DataLynx data collection software is a data logging and storage package for remotely located PLCs or other devices that support MODBUS and a modem connection. Ideal for collecting data from remote locations or relaying data from multiple locations back to a single location to be stored, the software offers setup with no programming or SCADA system required.

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SCADA alternative

Vijeo Look 2.5 is a low-cost alternative to SCADA software for small and stand-alone machines, and is designed for easy use on a standalone HMI system. Automation software combines the ease of use of a web browser with the functionality of traditional HMI software that needs no other software to operate. Graphics tools include Java Beans library, PID loops, conveyors, and mouse-over animation.

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Legacy machinery data collection

FIN EX data collection system is designed to enable the collection of valuable information from legacy and base-line machinery that lacks built-in data gathering capability. The data collection tool helps to diagnose operator and line issues, run production lines more efficiently, and improve product quality.

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Ethernet/fieldbus controller

The 750-841 series Ethernet TCP/IP programmable fieldbus controller (PFC) has been upgraded with new functions such as multitasking operating system, the ability to complete online programming changes, and double the data memory (to 256 kb). PFC features include 32-bit RISC processor, 512 kb program memory, and 24 kb retentive memory.

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DAQ and PID application tool

ioProject 6 is a Microsoft Windows-based suite of interoperable applications, programming tools, and diagnostic utilities designed for the company’s hardware systems. The complete set of tools includes a flowchart-based programming application that enables users to develop control and DAQ apps, then download, run, and debug them in real time.

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