By Staff May 1, 2005

Switching power supply line

RHINO PSM line of power supplies includes several new metal and plastic housed switching supply models. The industrial-grade, switching dc-output power supplies are capable of automatically switching between 115 and 230 Vac inputs. the power supplies are available in 12 or 24 Vdc output, with adjustable output voltages, and feature low output ripple along with overload and overtemperature protection. The Seven models offer power ratings from 78-600 W, and up to 25 A output current. Each power supply includes two diagnostic outputs for monitoring low output voltage levels, allowing for remote notification to a PLC, SCADA, or CMMS.

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High-channel-count I/O

Two Compact FieldPoint devices offer engineers improvements for control systems by reducing the number of required modules and significantly reducing system jitter. The cFP/FP-DIO-550 is a 16-channel digital I/O module that measures eight digital 11-30-Vdc inputs and sources eight digital 10-30-Vdc outputs with 250 mA per channel. The cFP-AO-118 is an eight-channel analog input module that measures voltages with a range from 0 to 1, 5, 10, or 15 V, either positive voltage or differential. The eight analog inputs have 16-bit resolution and offer 10-kS/s per channel sampling rate.

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Condition monitoring software

Condition Monitoring (CM) software collects and aggregates real-time data from plant floor systems and provides sophisticated analysis of that data to drive preventive and predictive maintenance activity. Software includes an intuitive configuration tool, analytic engine, expert system capabilities, and work flow management. Based on Microsoft.NET and OPC technology, the software leverages data from plant historians, modeling engines, and field device monitors.

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EAM, the next generation

Maximo Enterprise Suite (MXES) is a comprehensive suite of products built on a single, common platform. This next-generation release of Maximo combines enhanced EAM functionality with new service management capabilities. Software includes advanced IT asset management, service management, and a full-featured service desk based on the IT Infrastructure Library guidelines. It provides compliance with contracts, service level agreements, internal corporate standards, and government regulations.

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Power over Ethernet

HyperJack 1000 gigabit power over Ethernet modules provide PoE management functions embedded within an RJ-45 connector. The multiport module integrates components that support Ethernet 10/100/1000 as well as high-performance power management semi-conductors. The module is available in 2×4 and 2×6 port configurations.

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Software suite enhanced

TabWare Efx EAM product suite has been enhanced with a new user interface, a robust analytics module, and added capabilities to its Internet-based procurement suite. The new user interface conforms to the Windows XP style guide using enhanced navigation and cleaner data presentation. The analytics module provides true dashboard capabilities with drill-down features via email or over the Internet. The software allows for Internet-based sourcing for quotes and catalog support.

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Fault analysis from collected data

Asset Manager release 310, a component of the Experion PKS platform, identifies and analyzes symptoms and faults from thousands of data points collected from plant systems, historians, field sensor networks, and other plant databases. It continuously monitors, troubleshoots, and maintains control loops, field devices, and process-based assets.

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Manufacturing intelligence

Incuity Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence software system integrates plant floor production data and enterprise business information from disparate sources and provides a context for the data to enable better business decisions. Incuity can access information over any network using standard browsers and process it as requested so users can analyze it from within the application software they use already. It is built on the Microsoft.NET platform and uses online analytical processing, Web services, OPC, SQL, and XML technologies.

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