Automatic volumetric screw feeder

The Model VMF-28 volumetric screw feeder is designed to improves dosage accuracy in water treatment, and chemical process management.

By Scaletron Industries November 1, 2016

The Model VMF-28 volumetric screw feeders are designed to weigh the precise dosage amounts to add to treatment processes. They are designed for for metered dispensing of powdered or pelletized chemicals into water, wastewater, and chemical treatment processes. Data is displayed at a central monitoring station, and the VMF feeder continuously monitors weight loss or gain. The feeders meter dosing additives such as dry powders or pelletized materials. The VMF feeders have a corrosion resistant finish and use a heavy-duty, gear-driven auger to continually feed material into the built-in stainless steel hopper at a rate of 0.2 to 35.4 cu. ft. per hour. The Model VMF-28 Volumetric Screw Feeders are available with 0.75- to 2.5-in. diameter solid augers to dispense material from the supply hopper into treatment processes. 

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