Augmented reality: Not just for video games

Plant managers can use AR to improve production, reduce costs.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media August 20, 2018
Movies and video games have offered one view, as it were, of augmented reality (AR), but manufacturing innovators are working on some practical applications of headsets and computer simulation designed to help workers work and maintain equipment more efficiently. From improvements in design to quality assurance to supply chain operations, combining AR with human intellect will create a more efficient operating future, noted Ramkumar V, group head of engineering application and testing solutions for L&T Technology Services in the 2018 Plant Engineering Mid-Year Report
Warehouse operations is an especially intriguing opportunity, he writes. “As sensors are now priced below $10 per unit and cellular ubiquity is expanding IoT opportunities, the freight handling process has become more systematic, allowing for accurate picking and packaging. Reports suggest that warehouse workers using AR have improved their picking accuracy by up to 300% and accelerated their performance by 30%.”

Bob Vavra, content manager at CFE Media,