ATS expands USG partnership

It’s the second such engagement between the two companies.
By Staff September 12, 2007

Advanced Technology Services, Inc., recently announced an agreement to provide production asset maintenance services to USG Corporation’s new Washingtonville, PA plant. It’s the second such engagement between the two companies.
“We made the decision to partner with ATS because they bring the maintenance capabilities to help us rapidly achieve our safety, quality and operational goals,” said Scott Schafer, plant manager for the Washingtonville plant
ATS is also providing reliability solutions to USG’s plant in Port Reading, NJ. The solutions are designed to help accelerate the plants’ efforts to improve asset performance and improve their competitive advantage in the marketplace.
“Our country’s most modern and cutting edge factories can become even more productive and profitable by deploying highly skilled employees that make production machinery run better,” said Jeffrey Owens, president of ATS.

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