ASME extends executive director agreement

By Plant Engineering Staff September 29, 2006

The ASME board of governors voted recently to extend the employment agreement of Virgil R. Carter, executive director, through July 2, 2008, coinciding with Carter’s retirement.

Terry E. Shoup, ASME president, expressed appreciation and gratitude for the leadership Carter, who joined ASME as executive director in 2002, has provided, and noted that his announcement of retirement at this early time “permits ASME to continue to benefit from his continuity of executive leadership while planning for succession in an orderly manner.

“ASME owes executive director Carter a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for his leadership, which has enabled ASME to regain financial viability, to expand its global leadership and to improve its society-wide operations through use of the balanced scorecard,” he added. Shoup will lead the succession transition.