ARC’s Eleventh Annual Forum, Orlando, FL, Feb. 12–15

By Plant Engineering Staff November 15, 2006

“Collaborative Manufacturing Strategies:Driving Performance in the Flat World”

The Flat World is creating extraordinary opportunity for manufacturers to improve productivity and performance.Technology developments, social changes and business practices have come together creating a global web-enabled world.Companies that are already using this as the basis for innovative, collaborative manufacturing strategies are exploiting least-cost, global resources to create more effective, real-time value chains.They are drastically reducing costs, maintaining high quality, and providing superior service.They are quickly taking the lead in many markets.

‘Wait and see’ is no longer an option.You need to understand this paradigm shift, empower your people with Flat World capabilities, and drive innovation throughout your own business processes.

New, aggressive competitors are already at your customer’s doors and this cultural change will take time.Speed and agility are vital in the Flat World — hesitation will create gaps that may be hard to overcome.“What can you do?” and, “How can you do it?” are critical questions you need to answer.

Join ARC Advisory Group analysts and best-in-class CIOs, manufacturing and automaton executives in Orlando as we address some of the crucial challenges facing manufacturers today.

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