AR/FR protective clothing

These base layer shirts and balaclava address recent NFPA standards to protect workers.

By Magid February 10, 2015

The arc-rated(AR) defense relaxed-fit base layer shirts and balaclava address a need for arc-rated protection following revised National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for workplace safety. They are made with flame resistant fibers that provide comfort and moisture-proof properties to keep workers protected and dry. The fabrics help employers and workers comply with NFPA 70E standards with a higher total system arc rating with fewer layers. The flame-resistent (FR) clothing provides protection to arc flash events and other hazards. The clothing set includes a 4.5 oz. jersey knit shirt with an ATPV/arc-rating of 4.9 cal/cm2, 6.5 oz. interlock knit shirt, and a 6.5 oz. interlock knit balaclava with an ATPV/arc-rating of 8.2 cal/cm2.