Application and environment’s impact on choosing the correct hose

An application's environment and conditions can have a major impact on choosing the correct type of hose.

By Kevin Olmstead January 17, 2019

Determining the application is a crucial aspect in choosing the correct hose. Application might seem like a broad term, but it refers to the environment the hose will be exposed to. Exposure can mean anything from what is being conveyed through the hose, to external exposure to  chemicals, ozone, or other harsh environments.

How the environment affects hose

For instance, in a steel manufacturing plant, companies might need to protect a hydraulic hose’s exterior from molten splash caused by the manufacturing processes that occur in a steel mill. A hydraulic hose without the correct external protection is a failure waiting to happen.

Another example is a high abrasion area for a hydraulic system. This happens a lot in the field with mobile hydraulics such as small bulldozers, excavation equipment, and sanitation trucks with hydraulic arms that are constantly extending and contracting. Without a strong external cover, these hoses will fail if the correct type isn’t chosen.

Sometimes hydraulic and industrial hoses will need to be routed through a tight turn. The hose’s bend radius also will be a factor in choosing the right series of hose. This is why companies should constantly ask questions to ensure the correct hose is chosen for a customer’s applications.

Such questions include:

  • How did the previously installed hose perform?
  • Did the hose assembly fail because it was incorrectly specified?
  • Did the outer cover fail prematurely due to environmental stressors?
  • Could these issues have been prevented if the correct hose was used?
  • What regulations might dictate the correct hose?

There are a multitude of situations and conditions that must be considered to specify a hose. In some applications, there might be a need for a static dissipative hose to prevent the buildup of static electricity. It is up to professionals to ensure the recommended hose will keep the worker safe every time.

Kevin Olmstead is a hose specialist with Cross Co. This article originally appeared on Cross Company’s Hose & Fittings blog.

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