An available manager also a sign of reliability

This is a letter to the editor from Chuck Klor.

By Chuck Klor, Klor Consulting May 14, 2015

I first of all want to tell you that it is always a pleasure and learning experience when I receive Plant Engineering. It is a constant reminder to all of us of how much we do not know about what we do not know.

After 45 plus years visiting plants in the U.S., Mexico, the Far East and Europe, I could not agree more with the article, “The top 5 signs of a reliable plant” (April 2015, page 18).  However, Doug Plucknette of Allied Reliability Group left out the one that I always call the most telling about the plant’s reliability.

How accessible is the plant manager or operations manager when I arrive? If we have a great meeting with no, or minimal interruptions, this is probably a very reliable plant. At most of my visits the manager is in a fireman mode with constant interruptions and putting out fires. Unfortunately in most plants the people are rewarded for resolving problems, how about if we rewarded them for looking ahead and preventing the problem?

A loyal reader,

Chuck Klor

Klor Consulting