Air Conditioning

By Staff March 15, 2003


Humid-A-Ware is humidifier software that takes the guesswork out of sizing and selecting humidifiers. This easy-to-use, interactive software works with Windows 9X, NT (4.0), 2000, and XP. It overcomes critical obstacles in building humidification schedules. The program is free. Register at and download immediately. Armstrong International, Inc. Write 307 on PE card

A/C seminars

Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I and II are 1-day seminars designed to give a broad introduction to the most common and important components, principles, and concepts. Part II builds on the fundamentals presented and goes into advanced air conditioning and refrigeration topics. Electrical concepts are also taught. Call 800-242-6673 for more information. Lewellyn Technology Write 308 on PE card

Centrifugal fans

A 44-p brochure describes the benefits and features of Class I centrifugal fans, Series 205. There is information on 11 sizes, from 10-in. to 36-in., and variable configurations for either exhaust or supply configurations. The fans are field-rotatable to any of 8 discharge positions. Airflow range is 500 cfm to 29,000 cfm. Industrial Air Write 309 on PE card

Refrigerant release

To meet the industry’s need to control refrigerant releases ASHRAE has published ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 147-2002, “Reducing Release of Halogenated Refrigerants from Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Systems.” The standard establishes practices and procedures for reducing release of CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants linked to ozone depletion and global warming. ASHRAE Write 310 on PE card

Downdraft tables

A downdraft table brochure includes product features such as modular design flexibility, portability, rugged construction, and more. Also included are specifications and suggested applications for grinding, cutting, sanding, welding, soldering, and deburring. The tables can be connected to an existing exhaust system. Tables are portable and height adjustable. Micro Air Write 311 on PE card

Air balancing

The 3rdedition of SMACNA’s HVAC Systems — Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing manual provides fundamentals and procedures for balancing air systems. Subjects covered include: motor operation, fan curves, losses in ducts, pipes, air terminals, variable frequency drives, direct digital control systems, and the latest balancing equipment and procedures. Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Assoc., Inc. Write 312 on PE card

Urethane hose

MORR-LITE urethane hose is clear and concentric, making it ideal for air and material handling applications. The hose has superior abrasion resistance and an ultrasmooth bore for excellent flow. The clear tube enables the user to visually monitor flow. The rigid helix serves as reinforcement for this extremely flexible hose. Morris Coupling Co. Write 313 on PE card

RH meter

DirectSense RH is an innovative %RH meter that utilizes the power of laptop computers. WolfSense software allows for a real-time display of up to seven simultaneous measurements plus data-logging and long-term trending. Measurements include: dewpoint, wet bulb temperature, specific humidity, absolute humidity, and humidity ratio. GrayWolf Sensing Solutions Write 314 on PE card

Fume arms

This is a line of 4-in., 6-in., and 8-in. diameter standard and stainless steel extractor arms. They are designed to provide a noncorrosive, easily adjustable means to extract harmful fumes. The arms have no encumbrances inside, which allows for free air movement and eliminates the possibility of residue buildup. OsKar Antipollution, Inc. Write 315 on PE card

Duct components

Metflo duct components for dust, fume, trim and waste removal feature a rolled lip end that, together with a stainless steel lifetime clamp, allows for fast and easy installation. If the clamp wears out, a replacement will be provided, free of charge. The ducting system has infinite adjustability, allowing for easy field fits. H-P Products, Inc. Write 316 on PE card