AI application developers target well-site production optimization

Solutions range from predictive maintenance to artificial lift improvement.

By CFE Media February 8, 2019

The number of analytic, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) application suppliers specific to the oil & gas industry keeps growing. Please find brief descriptions of a generous selection of them in the listing below.


Calgary, Alberta and Houston

Offers an artificial-intelligence-driven, artificial-lift optimization solution that helps exploration and production (E&P) companies reduce costs while improving production. Solution integrates physics-based analytical capabilities with best-in-class data science and machine learning to deliver optimized production. Ambyint has a 12-year operating history delivering artificial lift control and monitoring solutions to E&Ps and over that time has gathered a high-resolution data set, currently totaling almost 100 million pump operating hours or 45 terabytes (TB).

AKW Analytics Inc. (AKW)

New York

Provides Big Data analytics and machine learning software systems and services to increase production of upstream and midstream pipeline gathering operations. Technologies combine machine learning and optimization into the PALM (Petroleum Analytics Learning Machine) software product suite, which manages a set of applications for multi-variant analysis of combined datasets from geology, geophysics, rock physics, reservoir modeling, drilling, hydraulic fracture completions, production, and gathering for delivery to markets.



Proprietary software for asset-intensive industries enables “edge”-state streaming and analytics, rapid cloud deployment of machine learning models, and enterprise-scale models management. Customers take control of their data across a broad range of assets with context provided by asset hierarchies that help take advantage of trapped or previously unutilized data.


Palo Alto, CA

Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, recently announced completion of its merger with Hortonworks, Inc., allowing it to run in any cloud, from the edge to AI, on a 100% open-source data platform. An enterprise data cloud supports both hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, providing enterprises with the flexibility to perform machine learning and analytics.

C3 IoT

Redwood City, CA

C3 Platform delivers a comprehensive platform as a service (PaaS) for rapidly developing and operating Big Data, predictive analytics, AI/machine learning, and IoT software as a service (SaaS) applications. C3 also offers a family of configurable and extensible SaaS products developed with and operating on its PaaS.

Detechtion Technologies


Industrial IoT and mobile application provider enabling the digital oilfield offers solutions for chemical injection, compression, and other production operations. Monitor, protect, control, and optimize paradigm allows customers to automate assets with a single hardware device. Over 100 customers and thousands of users depend on the harnessed technologies to monitor and manage over 10,000 assets worldwide.

eLynx Technologies

Tulsa, OK

Recently announced the commercial launch of predictive analytics as a service (PAaaS), a suite of predictive maintenance software products that forecast oilfield problems—everything from when equipment is about to break to downhole events such as liquid loading—before they happen. The oil & gas industry can leverage the platform—combining predictive analytics as a service and SCADA—to achieve significant gains. The plunger lift predictive maintenance product, for example, saved one producer $710 per month per well.


Sunnyvale, CA

Helps companies improve the performance, throughput, quality, and yield of operations by discovering patterns hidden in existing operational data and delivering actionable analytical insights. Ready-to-use machine learning system can be deployed and used directly by practitioners like process engineers or chemical engineers and does not require a data scientist. Falkonry says it is like a “data scientist-in-a-box” and is designed to complement existing operational infrastructure.

Lavoro Technologies


As a software development company in Houston, Lavoro’s objective is to help oil & gas companies maximize the value of oilfield production assets, offering solutions to optimize production, find asset efficiencies, and assure peak production recovery. Standardized software applications integrate data from the oilfield and deliver executable information to your enterprise and backend systems.


Menlo Park, CA

Company’s vision is to encode the world’s industrial expertise and data into new digital knowledge for millions of experts to make better and faster decisions, while operating the assets of Global Fortune 500 companies. Computational Knowledge Graph creates a digital knowledge layer showing relationships and interdependencies between concepts. This digital knowledge layer combined with Maana’s AI algorithms, help subject-matter experts rapidly create models that power artificial intelligence applications.


Seattle, WA

Noting that many processes are “data rich, information poor” and the number will increase with new sensor deployments and higher data creation rates, Seeq’s vision is to close the gap between advancements in data and computer science, including Big Data and machine learning, and deliver innovation as features in easy to use, advanced analytics applications. These also meet the needs of organizations for collaboration, publishing, and IT services that span teams, plants, and divisions, as well as the flexibility of on-premise, in the cloud, or distributed deployments.


Austin, Texas

Leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques to provide predictive maintenance capabilities. Its AI platform learns from data to understand operational states and failure modes of assets and uses this intelligence to warn of impending asset failures. This allows operators to plan corrective actions and optimize budgets. Additionally, anomaly detection and cognitive endpoint protection keep critical assets safe from sabotage or cyber-attack.


San Mateo, CA

Platform helps producers optimize production across environments that include secondary and tertiary oil recovery in complex reservoirs. Engineers use the platform to integrate all relevant data sources in real time, explore millions of scenarios, and identify operational and development plans. Solutions include for cyclic steam, steamflood, and waterflood optimization.



Delivers self-service data analytics to optimize process performance in oil & gas and other industries. Software is based on a high-performance analytics engine, for captured time-series data. Plug-and-play software adds value on deployment, eliminating the need for infrastructure investment or long implementations. Diagnostic and predictive capabilities enable users to speed up root-cause analysis, define optimal processes, and configure early warnings to monitor production. Offers standard integrations with a wide range of historians.


San Antonio, Texas

Industrial Internet of Things company provides a full stack solution to simplify the collection, management, and analysis of oilfield assets. Modular solution complements existing environments. Build a complete picture of well conditions by integrating all critical production data, including wellhead, line pressures, separators, compressors, storage tanks, and chemical tanks, to make informed and timely strategic and operational decisions.

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