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By Plant Engineering Staff November 8, 2002
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PLANT ENGINEERING magazine depends on people like you to share their knowledge and insights for ensuring production capacity. Since its first issue in 1947, PLANT ENGINEERING has stood as the leading problem-solving information source for America’s industrial plant engineers. It has won virtually every readership study in its field over the past 20 years and well over 100 studies in all. That’s why it’s called “the industrial consumer’s most important resource.”
PLANT ENGINEERING fills a unique information need for the men and women who operate and maintain industrial plants: It bridges the information gap between engineering education and practical application. As technology advances at increasingly faster rates, this information service is becoming more and more important.
Nearly all of PLANT ENGINEERING’s subscribers (over 116,000) work in manufacturing or processing plants having more than 100 employees. Our circulation comprises at least 6000 different job titles, but all readers are “qualified” in that they have plant engineering-related responsibilities.
Finding and publishing the right information to meet the needs of this wide-ranging group of readers is a responsibility we take very seriously. And we work closely with our authors and other contributors to ensure the quality of our contents.
PLANT ENGINEERING has been honored an unprecedented four times with the Editorial Excellence Award presented by Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management. The publication won the award in 2000, 1999, 1994, and 1993 and is the only magazine in its field to have received this prestigious recognition.
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