2023 Engineering leader under 40: Kaleigh Linton, 23

Kaleigh Linton, 23, Industrial Engineer, Simon & Schuster, Riverside, New Jersey

By Plant Engineering September 11, 2023

Kaleigh Linton, 23
Industrial Engineer
Simon & Schuster
Riverside, New Jersey

Kaleigh’s first project at Simon & Schuster was to analyze the usage of the automated sortation technology being used in the warehouse and figure out how to improve its output. Through studies, observation and research she has nearly doubled output with the automated sortation device. Before starting the project, the company’s output was around 13,000 to 15,000 units per day across three shifts and now the average is between 20,000 and 23,000 units daily. Kaleigh has played a role in reestablishing labor standards at the company, with increases in productivity and efficiency.

Fun fact: Kaleigh is an avid skier and has been social chair of Penn State’s Ski Club, allowing her the opportunity to travel for her winter hobby.