2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Richard Ahlfield, 33

Richard Ahlfeld, CEO & Founder, Monolith, London

By CFE Media September 11, 2023
Richard Ahlfeld, CEO & Founder, Monolith, London

Richard Ahlfeld, 33
CEO & Founder

Richard has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows engineers to solve tough challenges and has contributed to the acceleration of electric car adoption and hydrogen fuel cell development. The software has helped make cars safer, gas bills cheaper, reduced the costs of petrol cars and reduced noise pollution. With Monolith, Richard is committed to empowering 100,000 engineers to cut their product development cycle in half by 2026. The scope of applications for AI in the automotive industry is enormous, and it is Richard’s mission to use what they have created to invoke greater change and facilitate innovative product development for more engineering teams.

Fun fact: Richard plays the piano every day as it gives him time to relax and space to think.

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