2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Gayland Waindim, 33

Gayland Waindim, 33, Staff Systems Integration Engineer, Twist Bioscience, Wilsonville, Oregon

By Control Engineering September 11, 2023

Gayland Waindim, 33
Staff Systems Integration Engineer
Twist Bioscience
Wilsonville, Oregon

As a staff software integration engineer at Twist Bioscience, Gayland demonstrates unparalleled expertise and dedication and he consistently elevates operations and advancements in DNA manufacturing. His adeptness in seamlessly integrating software systems has led to heightened efficiency and streamlined processes. Meticulous attention to detail, innovative problem-solving and unwavering commitment to excellence define his contributions. Gayland facilitated the installation of multimillion-dollar photolithography machines worldwide, improved safety protocols and played a key role in DNA synthesis machine implementation. His sustained efforts in plant instrument software and hardware maintenance underscore his lasting impact on engineering.

Fun fact: Gayland recently learned how to weld and is currently expanding his knowledge by taking courses in systems science and computer science.

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