2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Darren Schlemm, 24

Darren Schlemm, 24, Associate Process Engineer, Dart Container Corp., Leola, Pennsylvania

By Plant Engineering September 11, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media

Darren Schlemm, 24
Associate Process Engineer
Dart Container Corp.
Leola, Pennsylvania

Darren is known for his dedication and contributions to the ongoing success of the corporate utilities engineering team, which is critical to the manufacturing processes at Dart Container. He designed and managed various installation projects at different facilities across the country in addition to being responsible for creating, updating and monitoring utility process control plans at many plants, assuring the equipment critical to production is running optimally, allowing longevity and ideally catching failures before happening. While at Dart, Darren has expanded his utility knowledge by completing trainings including boiler room training from Cleaver-Brooks.

Fun fact: Darren’s diverse interests, ranging from fitness and weightlifting to engineering and leadership, showcase his well-rounded and multifaceted personality.