2020 System Integrator Giants

The overall gross revenue for the top 100 system integrators and their parent companies topped $26.4 billion as most businesses saw growth.

By Jack Smith December 9, 2019

Two new companies joined the 2020 System Integrator Giants top 10 list in a year when most of the world’s top 100 integration companies saw overall business growth.

JR Automation in Holland, Mich., joined the SI Giants list for the first time at the top spot reporting $600 million in SI revenue. Brock Solutions in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada jumped onto the list in the ninth position with $107 million in SI revenue.

In second place, Wood, which also placed second last year, saw a jump in revenue to over $435 million from last year’s $353 million.

That was the hallmark for a year in which the top 100 global integration firms reported system integration revenues of more than $3 billion ($3.594 billion, to be exact) and the 100th ranked firm, newcomer Onyx Engineering Ltd., had revenues of $1.3 million.

There were 20 new entrants to the System Integrator Giants list; 17 of the newcomers were located in the U.S.; and 15 Giants were located outside of the U.S. including Serbia, Turkey, Russia, India and Brazil.

For most of this year’s Giants, the business of system integration is their primary focus. The overall gross revenue for the integrators and their parent companies topped $26.4 billion. As manufacturing continues to expand in 2020, we expect system integration to be at the core of that expansion, delivering on the promise of automation and robotics while providing a valuable service for small- and mid-sized manufacturers looking to grow.

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