2017 Engineering Leader Under 40: Charli Hon, 30

Lead Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, Pa.

By CFE Media September 14, 2017

Charli Hon, 30

Lead Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, Pa.

BS Chemical Engineering, Drexel University

Charli is a long time advocate for automation as she believes it is the true melding of all engineering disciplines and it requires logic application, critical thinking, and attention to detail. In some ways it is an extension of her childhood curiosity to figure everything out. Charli was born in Hong Kong, which has given her a very unique and diverse education. She began to learn about Western culture at a young age and decided to earn her bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. At Panacea, Charli has quickly become a leader and mentor for her fellow employees. She leads up the technical training for Panacea’s EIT program, and works to push a client’s technical abilities separate from the project itself. Her engineering mindset extends beyond her professional life; she designed and implemented a landscape to combat her home’s flooding issues due to its location in a natural flood zone. Soon she will be sharing her love for engineering and gardening with yet another young mind—Charli is expecting her first child.

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