2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: Stephanie Doyle, 35

Project Engineer, Matrix Technologies Inc., Maumee, Ohio

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media September 15, 2016

Stephanie Doyle, 35
Project Engineer; Matrix Technologies Inc., Maumee, Ohio
BS Computer Science Engineering, University of Toledo

Doyle started her career as a controls engineer for an OEM Company that manufactures glass tempering furnaces. Her primary responsibilities were on the architectural furnace line. Since joining Matrix Technologies almost 6 years ago, she has been promoted twice and is currently in a project engineer position. She has worked on projects mainly in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. In the past year she was the technical lead for a new column-packing suite for a pharmaceutical company. The project utilized Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s along with an FTView HMI. Currently, Doyle is working on the design for a new High Temperature Short Time (HTST) skid for the same customer. The new HTST skid will have advanced cleaning capabilities. When the design phase is complete, she will begin programming the Batch, PLC, and HMI applications. Doyle serves on a Best Practices Committee for Matrix Technologies’ Industrial Systems Divisions. As part of the committee she helps to review and standardize the company’s project methodologies. Outside of work, Doyle enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters. She is intrigued by photography and is part owner in a medical billing company with her mother.