2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: Ken Kao, 30

Product Sales Manager, Advantech, Cincinnati, Ohio

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media September 15, 2016

Ken Kao, 30
Product Sales Manager; Advantech, Cincinnati, Ohio
BS Electrical Engineering, Tamkang University

Since Kao was hired in 2013 to be the product sales manager of the IIoT Industrial Communication line of products, there has been double-digit growth, bringing in over one million dollars to Advantech. Kao led the customization product development for the world’s largest diesel freight locomotive company. Kao spent 2 years designing products based on the user’s critical requirements for their on-board communication system in the new generation gasoline and diesel hybrid locomotive. Kao’s previous job in the enterprise networking industry brings a lot of experience to the Industrial Ethernet Networking division, which contributed to the success of networking technology development in Industry Automation, Intelligent Transportation, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and Security markets. In his spare time, Kao enjoys cars and regularly visits car museums and studies automotive history. Kao also enjoys cycling along trails and nature paths.