2015 Engineering Leader Under 40: Robert Jardel, 30

Controls Engineer, Airline Hydraulics; Bensalem, Pa.; AAS Mechanical Engineering, Camden County College

By Amanda Pelliccione, Project Manager and Director of Research September 17, 2015

Robert Jardel, 30
Controls Engineer, Airline Hydraulics; Bensalem, Pa.
AAS Mechanical Engineering, Camden County College

Jardel is the type of person who can pick up a book or manual, read it, and retain all the knowledge inside. Once he understands how something works he can improve it and use it to its full potential. He is self-motivated, hard-working, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help and teach others in his spare time. Jardel quickly expanded his skill set when he started with Cryovation LLC in 2013, which resulted in company growth. He was quick to put his acquired skills to use, helping to develop new processes for the company; this led to the release of two new products that Jardel designed. Jardel also took leadership roles in a number of startups, interfacing with multiple engineering disciplines, salesmen, as well as the customer; this gave him a “cradle-to-grave” perspective of the projects he was working on. Additionally, in his spare time, Jardel set up classes for other employees where he taught control theory and its application within the company’s product line. Currently, Jardel is employed with Airline Hydraulics where he hopes to once again develop and implement innovative solutions for a growing industry. At home, Jardel has set up a programmable logic controller (PLC) test station with human-machine interfaces, PLCs, and other automation controls in order to develop his skills and discover new techniques for his profession. Even though his work finds its way home every night he never misses an opportunity to spend quality time with his fiancée, Katie, and daughter, Caylen.