2015 Engineering Leader Under 40: Kori Shane, 38

Safety and Environmental Manager, Schneider Electric; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; BS Environmental Health, Illinois State University
By Amanda Pelliccione, Project Manager and Director of Research September 17, 2015

Kori ShaneKori Shane, 38
Safety and Environmental Manager, Schneider Electric; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
BS Environmental Health, Illinois State University

Shane is an integral part of the management team in the Schneider Cedar Rapids facility, providing leadership in the location’s direction beyond her primary function of leading safety and environmental activities. She is the leader of the plant safety committee at her facility and a member of the plant emergency response team. Shane has led the campaign for safety-improvement ideas as well as developed and implemented the plant’s behavioral safety audits. These audits are used to identify the safety hazards within the facility and to prevent possible incidents from occurring. Shane is also the leader of the plant’s Global Environment Day activities, an event that is part of a global campaign to integrate sustainable development. She was responsible for implementing the use of active release technique (ART) in her facility; a technique that proactively treats injuries to prevent them from becoming serious. ART has been extremely successful at Shane’s facility in reducing the number of lost-time accidents. She is also leading the development of the facility’s business continuity plan—an action plan that actively anticipates the impact that a crisis or disaster could have on a plant. Shane is the North American representative to the GlobES Phase II Steering Committee, which integrates the global processes for safe chemical management. Beyond the plant walls, Shane drives to take safety and environmental aspects into her home. She has a passion and dedication to her children and works to raise them in a safe and healthy environment.