2014 Product of the Year Finalists

View the 96 finalists in the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year program; cast your vote today; voting ends Jan. 9, 2015.

By Plant Engineering November 13, 2014

After five years of solid growth in manufacturing, it appears the industry is shaking off the rust and getting ready to expand and improve. The 96 finalists for the Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year program offer the innovation needed to help that expansion take off.

This year’s finalists stretch across 14 categories—everything from the latest mobile applications for smart devices to motors, automation, and maintenance. Together they provide the kind of new ideas needed to help manufacturers improve their operation, better measure and manage the resources they use each day, and keep plant operation running at peak efficiency.

The following products offer an opportunity to improve operations, and all of these finalists should be carefully reviewed to determine what current needs in your plant can be met and to see some new products that may spark ideas in areas you haven’t yet considered.

Our readers play one more crucial role in our annual Product of the Year program. They are the people who vote on the best of these great innovations. There have been many amazing innovations in the 26 years Plant Engineering has offered the Product of the Year program, but one thing has remained constant: our readers are the sole judges of who wins. This isn’t a public relations content. The only votes that count are the votes from the Plant Engineering subscribers who have the buy/specify authority in their plant. The people who vote on the products are the people who will be responsible for their use on a daily basis. It is their voice that matters most, and Product of the Year is designed specifically to listen to that voice.

Prior to casting your vote using our online-only ballot, please take a few minutes to review the following 2014 finalists.
Voting will conclude on Jan. 9, 2015.

The 2014 Product of the Year award winners will be invited to CFE Media’s annual Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner in Chicago on March 23, 2015. Attendees of this event will meet the Product of the Year winners, the Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice Awards winners, the Plant Engineering 2014 Top Plant recipient, and the CFE Media 2014 Engineering Leaders Under 40.

Your vote is what begins the annual process for these manufacturers, and we hope it also brings you insight on what’s new in the world of manufacturing today.

View the finalists and cast your vote here.