2014 Engineering Leader Under 40: Kenneth Benedict

Project Manager; Avid Solutions; Winston-Salem, N.C.

By CFE Media September 15, 2014

Kenneth Benedict, 36
Project Manager
Avid Solutions
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Education: AAS and BS Electrical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Kenneth Benedict believes in developing good relationships and earning the trust of his fellow coworkers at Avid Solutions. He has delivered many successful engineering projects and has recently developed client relationships into partnerships. In the 9 years he has worked at Avid, Ken is recognized as a subject matter expert and many other engineers come to him for advice and technical direction. Starting at Avid Solutions as an automation specialist, he quickly moved into engineering sales and was then promoted to project manager.

In his personal life, Ken works with young engineers to help develop their skills and leadership. He is also a dedicated father who enjoys golfing and fishing in his free time.

Why choose this career path?
“I originally chose to get into system integration because I loved programming control systems,” said Benedict. “Nothing excited me more than taking something from design to implementation and seeing my code come to life in the form of controlling a process. As I became more experienced, I found I enjoyed the other parts of being a controls engineer, things like electrical design, process design, and developing full-blown batch systems. Most recently, as a project manager, I have found a passion for helping customers design and implement solutions to their needs while managing the scope, schedule, and budget of a project.”

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