2014 Engineering Leader Under 40: Jason Stefanski

Director, Software and Controls; RedViking; Plymouth, Mich.

By CFE Media September 15, 2014

Jason Stefanski, 33
Director, Software and Controls
Plymouth, Mich.

Education: MS Electrical Engineering, University of Toledo

Since Jason Stefanski started with RedViking, he has developed a team of highly skilled dynamic test systems engineers, including software, controls, electrical design, and fluid power engineering. This team is a critical part of the Flexible Transmission System project that was recently awarded a U.S. patent and was recognized for outstanding innovation in engineering. As a manager, Jason identifies the unique strengths of his team members and tasks them with projects where they will excel, encourages engineering skill cross-training, and models honesty with a strong work ethic. Jason designed the energy regeneration system for a set of U.S. Dept. of Defense helicopter transmission test systems that will reduce taxpayer spending on energy by millions of dollars.

Jason is a strong believer in teaching through demonstration, and he and his wife work to demonstrate charitable behavior to their children, including volunteering for the Salvation Army and making donations to a homeless shelter. Jason also uses his hobby, remote control helicopters, to teach his son about electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as patience and persistence. An engineer through and through, Jason named his first son "Diesel."

Why choose this career path?
Jason’s father was an electrician, and he was always interested in his dad’s work. Since his high school days, he’s been interested in automation and how to program it.

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