2014 Engineering Leader Under 40: Greg Giles

Director, Error Proofing and MES; RedViking; Plymouth, Mich.

By CFE Media September 15, 2014

Greg Giles, 39
Director, Error Proofing and MES
Plymouth, Mich.

Education: MS Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan—Dearborn

Greg Giles is the leader of an engineering team at RedViking that focuses on integrating cutting-edge solutions into off-the-shelf and custom manufacturing execution systems (MES). As an engineering manager, Greg has created an environment of personal and professional accountability that enables each team member to solve problems effectively and efficiently. He is also committed to fostering an environment of personal and professional growth for his team, encouraging training and idea-sharing on the job, and goal-setting and achievement off the job. He is seen as a trusted advisor on issues ranging from PLC and device selection to software implementation, network configuration, and server and application architecture.

After work and family, Greg is avidly dedicated to mountain biking. In addition to fitness benefits, Greg uses his bike time to mentally work out solutions to engineering problems. He recently completed the Lumberjack 100 in less than 8 hours, coming in 39th of over 200 competitors.

Why choose this career path?
Greg is a lifelong tinkerer, starting with building remote-control cars, then computers from parts catalogs, then radio equipment, and today entire factory assembly lines. When choosing engineering disciplines for his college major, he chose electrical engineering because it required one less chemistry class than the alternatives. His father and grandfather were both Ford engineers, and Greg started his career as a Ford engineer as well. By moving to a smaller company he was able to take on more varied projects. Today, he encourages his son and daughter to be designers and builders, and to value math and science.

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