2013 Leader Under 40: Ted Garrison, 36

Product Engineering Manager, The Raymond Corporation, Greene, N.Y.

By Plant Engineering September 19, 2013

Ted Garrison, 36
Product Engineering Manager
The Raymond Corporation, Greene, N.Y. 

Years at the Raymond Corporation: 14 

BS Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University 

Ted’s contributions
“Ted has exuded a superior ability to lead and mentor since day one,” said David Norton, director of product and manufacturing engineering. “In addition to becoming an expert in the industry, Ted has been heavily involved in the design and manufacturing of Raymond lift trucks, as well as the consultation and management of others in his department. Speaking to his ability to efficiently direct and provide continuous improvement, Ted leads the product engineering department for several Class I and Class II lift trucks. His ability to efficiently direct others and facilitate the production of quality products has proven to be an asset to Raymond engineering and to our customers.” 

Why a career in manufacturing?
“I’ve always enjoyed designing and building things, so a career in engineering seemed to be the obvious choice. At Raymond, I am able to see the products and innovations I design come to fruition under one roof, which is a very rewarding experience. I also enjoy knowing that the products I develop support many different warehouses and distribution centers in the United States and around the world. It’s truly an exciting thing to be a part of. Regardless of where my career takes me in the future, I’m positive it will entail a role in design and manufacturing.”