2010 POY Finalists: Electrical Power

Plant Engineering's 2010 Product of the Year finalists featured in the Electrical Power category.

November 15, 2010

Shaft grounding ring

The AEGIS Severe-Duty SGR protects severe-duty motor bearings from harmful VFD-induced shaft currents with a proven shaft grounding ring and from contaminants with an IP56 non-contact isolation seal. The AEGIS Severe-Duty SGR is ideally suited for motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) in pulp and paper, food, mining, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, chemical processing, and other severe-duty processing applications. Designed for long-term total bearing protection, the AEGIS Severe-Duty SGR combines a proven shaft grounding ring (in which conductive microfibers completely surround the motor shaft) and a non-contact IP56 bearing isolator that withstands dust and powerful jetting liquids.

Electro Static Technology


The SINAMICS G110D inverter from Siemens AG is designed to address conveyor technology applications in the industrial environment and is suitable for basic, controlled applications as well as those in which AS-Interface connections are used. This low profile, compact and space-saving design covers a wide power range from 0.75kW to 7.5kW and has several advantages as a result of the AS0Interface bus configuration, quick stop functions as well as the optional maintenance and manual-auto switch that is directly integrated into the drive.

Siemens AG

Energy saving technology

The Energy Saver System technology from Eaton Corporation enables large, three-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to operate at 99 percent efficiency without sacrificing reliability. As part of Eaton’s Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA), the Energy Saver System technology drives UPS energy losses to nearly zero; dramatically reducing energy consumption, environmental impact and power costs. The Energy Saver System can detect changes in power conditions and transition to the appropriate mode faster and more reliably than conventional “eco-mode” capabilities that are available with legacy UPS products.

Eaton Corporation

Rack PDUs

APC’s Next Generation Metered and Switched Rack PDUs help IT and facilities managers effectively and productively manage power capacity and functionality for critical network, server and data center equipment. The Rack PDUs solve rack-level power needs while incorporating intelligent features like real power measurement and environmental monitoring all in a space-efficient zero-U form factor. APC’s platform of Rack PDUs consists of 19 new models in the Metered and Switched product families, Metered AP8800 series and Switched AP8900 series, each of which include power metering and remote alarming.

APC by Schneider Electric

Panel manager

The Spider Panel Manager is the transition point from the building’s Electrical Panel into easily reconfigurable modular power distribution components. The panel manager features 16-gauge galvanized steel construction with ample space for the electrician to provide knockouts, and pre-wired modular connectors. The connectors have color tags and polarity keys to prevent interconnection of 3 circuit and 4 circuit components. The 4 circuit configuration provides 4 to 56 circuits while the 3 circuit configuration provides 3 to 42 circuits. The Panel Manager Box must be installed by a licensed electrician.



The POWR-GARD LF Series of next-generation fuseblocks from Littelfuse Inc. are releasable, compact, indicating fuseblocks that feature a modern design and universal mounting holes for drop-in replacement. OEMs and panel shops are able to reduce the size of enclosures and simplified installation due to snap-to-release DIN-rail mounting features. End users have the added value of local indication and the LF Series Fuseblocks’ clean, modern design. The LF Series Fuseblocks offer local indication via neon light, providing obvious and immediate notification when a fuse is open, which can significantly reduce downtime because operators can quickly identify which fuse to replace.

Littelfuse, Inc.

Infrared window

The Square Infrared Window from IRISS, Inc. is ideal in areas of high traffic and allows more freedom to inspect multiple components through one infrared window, thus reducing the number of IR windows required and the installation time and costs associated with them. The window features an impact-resistant clear poly carbonate lens in the CAP-V, and standard hinged covers with locking capabilities, protecting the IR Viewing panes.


Drive design software

MaximizerPro from Veyance Technologies, Inc. maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes operational costs in relation to power transmission drive performance. The program has the ability to assess conventional chain drive systems as well as complex multi-pulley designs. Working like an equation for improved performance, MaximizerPro takes specific physical data and calculates how the system can be enhanced with multiple options for belt drive designs. These options address goals related to energy efficiency, quieter operation, increased output, and extended life.

Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Transmission belt

The Eagle NRG from Veyance Technologies, Inc. improves power transmission systems for maintenance and design engineers. Eagle NRG is an upgrade to Eagle Pd power transmission drive that has achieved a 98 percent energy efficiency rating. The new belt design is rated for continuous service at 200 degrees Fahrenheit while being static conductive. Eagle NRG’s Heletical Offset Tooth design merges belt and sprocket into a quiet, smooth, and compacy synchronous drive package. The result is a continuous rolling tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves the overall efficiency of drive systems.

Veyance Technologies, Inc.


The molded notch V-belt line from Gate Corporation constructed entirely with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), a high-performance rubber compound known for ozone, heat and weather resistance. The belts withstand a broad temperature range and offer a long belt life at extreme temperatures. The belts’ bandless, molded notch construction saves on energy costs for greater efficiency and reduces bending stress. The belts also tolerate misalignment for smooth running performance, while the EPDM material resists hardening to avoid cracking.

Gates Corporation